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March update for 2023

Updates to website are in progress

This website has many pages that are the Indexes of pages with relevant content.
Supplier companies come and go, or just change names without any notices.
It was designed long before mobile technology and social media was main stream. All integral Java menus worked fine. Without browser supportfor Java, script and encrypted page content becomes invisible.
If you do find any links that do no longer work, or point to a drop down menu now invisible, please indicate the webpage this broken link is on, and the name of the link.
Thank you for any such information in advance. Please, do not call my cell-phone for any inquiries. I will not call you back. All Missed calls (no message) are, and will be blocked.
I have provided appropriate encrypted Feedback form at the bottoms of every web page. Your input will be safely delivered to my email.
For any knife repairs fill up this form
Knife repair form

Do not ship any valuables through the mail during any Christmass / New Years holidays, wait until the parcel shipping volume is back to normal in the spring.
You could then ship the knife with the payment when you think is safe enough. It will be safe with me, I may open the shop on individual basis, weather and my other prior engagement permitting.
Be safe and healthy.

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