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This is to say, that even though some knife repairs are pretty straight forward, most are complicated or can become so in a flash.
Every repair very much depends on a successful disassembly.
Main pins, which are often totally invisible to the eye, have to be drilled and punched out without the punch even touching the edge of the hole.
All you need is a stubborn or bent pin to crack that priceless scale on the family heirloom - it has already happened.
I could swear that some were designed by extra-terrestrials.
Some manufacturers decided that angled bolsters do not violate the copy rights of manufacturers who made bolsters straight cut, and some did go even further - angles on front and back bolster are slightly different.
It is impossible to fit replacement scales on these without some gaps without precision factory jigs.
Mention of this is a result of one unhappy customer, who got his prompt refund without any hassle.
The good ol' Murphy's list goes on and on. And yes, there is always the first time for some other unforeseen mishap ......

It is pretty difficult decision for anyone to entrust that irreplaceable, but sorry looking or broken knife to a complete stranger just found on the internet.

You only have my assurances that I will do my very best to complete the repair to your satisfaction.
Many customers would go as far as to recommend my services. With their permission to use their email and their address I am sharing the views of some of them with you.
You can have more than just the promise of the repairman, read on the words of other people.

I am grateful, and I thank all for their nice and kind comments, and shared pleasures.
Read on and decide for yourself if my service is worth choosing.

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  • Tony,
    thank you for the beautiful job you did restoring my Panther folding stainless steel hunting knife.
    It was given to me about forty years ago and I have hunted with it all my life. When the locking mechanism failed, I knew it was time to try and have it fixed. As folding hunting knives go, its a very useful one because of the second bone saw blade with aggressive teeth.
    It is quite amazing to me that you were able to manufacture new parts, polish and sharpen the blade, replace the rivets (as if they had never been removed), restore the wood and make the brass shine like new.
    I found you on the Internet. Your customer letters and the many before and after photos on your site convinced me that you were the right person to be trusted with the job.
    The attached photo does not do the knife justice. I show it to my friends and tell them that its 40 year old knife and they are amazed too.

    BE - Killarney, Ontario

  • Hello Tony,
    The knife arrived in pristine order. I am simply amazed by the feel and quality of it and I am so glad that you were able to fix it.
    You are quite a master craftsman and artist! Thank you so much for your hard work and time.
    The pride that you take in your work is simply astonishing. I simply cannot think of the words to express my gratitude.
    Feel free to use me as a reference for any other customers that you have in the future.
    With my deepest appreciation,
    Nathan Rikard - nathanrikard at

  • Tony,
    I am the recipient of the stiletto knife that Nathan has been in touch with you about.
    I can only say in utter shock and disbelief that this is truly a work of art and you are nothing short of a craftsman of the highest degree.
    I have been showing it off to anyone and everyone that will listen and detailing the arduous process that the repairs necessitated.
    A select few people could have repaired the knife but I sincerely doubt that anyone except yourself could have repaired the knife and in the process improved the aesthetics of it as well! Thank you very much for your work and dedication!
    This knife had a high sentimental value and to have it back again, functional, and better looking than ever means a great deal to me. Again, thank you.
    With best regards,
    Seth Connor - sethconnor at

  • Tony,
    The former Keen Kutter looks and feels wonderful. As I said before, it is stronger and better built that when the original manufacture produced it many years ago. I will always in the future depend on you for my repairs.
    I would trust you with my most precious keep sakes. Every knife you have rebuilt for me always comes back home to me exceeding my wildest expectations!
    Thanks a million,
    Brooks C. Marshall, Acuff, Texas U.S.A.
    brookscloymarshall at

  • Dear Tony, Thank you for the superb work on my Ka-Bar folding knife. This was my Grandfather's favorite hunting knife back in Wyoming. By the time I got it, it was a lump of rust and broken scales, as when you saw it. I very nearly threw it away, and I am so happy now that I didn't. Now it is like new again, and I'll be able to give it to my grandchild. As you said, "like a phoenix, reborn". I certainly do appreciate your skill, and hope you will use me as a reference. Your potential customers would be welcome to e-mail me for a very positive recommendation. Thanks again,
    Franklin D. Munkres - Fdmunkres at

  • Hello Tony,
    just received the folder which now looks more like a work of art!!!!
    This is one beautiful job, and am 200% satisfied with it. The handle slabs are just perfect and matched to perfection.
    This folder was made around 1885 and looks like it was made yesterday.
    I almost don't want to use it because its so perfect, but I will use it. Thanks for the fine work, my best, Don
    Don Perrone - udpdonnie at

  • I received the knife on Saturday. I just go home and opened it tonight (Sunday). Tony, you have far exceeded my fondest anticipation of ever seeing this knife in such mint condition. You have done nothing short of a miracle. You have restored for me, the single most representative item that ensured the safety of a paratrooper after he landed in a precarious situation, prior to meeting his mission objectives. The first time I flicked the blade open, I felt the tremor of security so often felt by men like my father and others when they landed in trees, flooded canals, and fields, everywhere from North Africa, to Sicily, to Italy, to France, Belgium, and finally Germany itself. I am so proud of what you have done. The second time I flicked the blade open, tears came to my eyes. You did it right my friend. From the bottom of my heart to the top of my Paratrooper's helmet, I thank you and will of course recommend you to every one of my friends and re enactor buddies who need a custom knife or knife repair. Thank you have returned to me a living link to those men and I will never forget your "learning experience."
    Daryl - Daryl1861 at

  • Warm regards, Hi Tony, I cant believe what a wonderful job you did on the knife;I cant tell you how pleased I am the hatchet fits well also, I was wondering would you also refurbish the hatchet ..........
    Hi Tony, received the hatchet, beautiful job as usual. If I ever need or know of anyone who needs work on a knife I will certainly recommend you. Thank you again for the work. Have a good one.
    Leonard - lensfish at

  • Hi Tony, My knife arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with the results! It looks brand new!
    Thank you for such a speedy response time too.
    I will definitely recommend your service to anyone we know.
    Best regards, Linda - LCurtis647 at

  • Greets, Tony
    Just got back into town and the knife was waiting for me at home. The lanyard loop is better than I had envisioned. There is a very graceful sweep to your design that easily accepts the line I am using for the lanyard.
    Excellent repair work, and the finish you put on the metal surfaces is better than new. I am glad I sent the knife your way, Tony, and will recommend your services to anyone who needs repair or custom work. Thanks for your efforts and attention to the heirloom-to-be, best wishes for a fine spring in the BC wilds.
    Mark Hollomon- HOLLODOGS at

  • Tony, I am currently overseas, and my mother has received the knife. She doesn't even like knives and says it looks beautiful! She's visiting me in ten days and will be bringing the knife -I send you a mail as soon as I have it in my hands...........
  • My mom arrived last week with the knife -Absolutely excellent! Now I have a problem: My dad wants the knife! His birthday is in March -maybe you would be up for doing another one?
    Many thanks Tony -it really couldn't have turned out nicer.
    Jack - jack at

  • Got the knives today. The package was a little beat up but the knives were fine. I can't tell the repaired handles from the originals, so you picked the right color. Nice job on the repair. Will keep you in mind for future work. Thanks and good luck.
    Garrett - jonesgr at

  • Tony: Looks great!..I knew that this would not be easy. Again, thank you for taking on the challenge. I like the old stuff and I am delighted to find someone like you who enjoys the old stuff and is an artist who can do the repairs...and enjoys the fun of rebuilding an antique.......
  • Tony: Thank you! It looks like it is new..and I know that it is better than new! Let me know if you need some extra money for this and I will send it along.
    Thank you. John Besser - JBesser2 at

  • Hi Tony!
    Wow! Great job! My Dad's knife came out GREAT! I really had no hope for it and expected it to be "junk" and not repairable at all. In fact, it never looked so good. I am amazed that you were able to find enough steel left on it to re-grind it at all. Wow. It is also the sharpest knife I have ever held. I am glad you warned me! You are very correct -- it doesn't feel sharp when you test it with your fingers! But I could truly shave with it.
    My knife is also beautiful and much better than I expected. I like the way you refinished the handles on both knives as well.
    The pocketknife is in my pocket and is the sharpest it has ever been as well.
    I can't thank you enough. You have all my knife business from now on. All of my friends' and family's business included.
    Daniel Chase - chaselings at

  • Tony, It took me hours to realize that the knife you returned to me was actually mine.
    What a beautiful job. You are an artist, but it's obvious, judging from your work, you've heard that before.
    Sincerely, Paul De Simon - desimone at

  • Hi, Tony; I cant believe the knife repair. I thought for sure the best you could do was to smooth out the damage.
    I must say I am impressed. I bought the knife years ago in London. I've been back numerous times through the years and never found another one like it. I suspect it was a " one of" from Sheffield. You should have charged for the repair. It looks great. thanks
    Dr. Joe - drjoe at

  • Tony, got home from a business trip today, was near Paducah, Kentucky (near the Illinois border) all week doing an audit of a polymer manufacturing facility. While I was gone this week, knife came in the mail, so I asked my wife to open it up. She said "wow, he really did a nice job, you'll like it". This really got me excited, much anticipation coming home tonight to see the knife.
    What an understatement. Tony, your work on the knife in short, blew me away. Outrageous.
    I'm not one to make spontaneous, off-the-cuff remarks, but in all candor, the knife is simply outstanding.
    Your work on refurbishing the knife has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations in every way - I just cannot say enough. My only wish is that you were close by so I could thank you in person.
    Here in Houston, people demand to be paid exceedingly well for highly skilled handwork like what you have done on my knife, I dare say $75-$100 per hour.
    Your fee for all of the work you did to bring my treasured grandfather's knife back to like new (albeit used) condition is truly phenomenal.
    Again, Tony, I am truly appreciative for what you've given back to me with your work.

    In closing, I just wanted to mention that before I sent you my treasured knife, I again looked over your web page to peruse customer comments about your work. The comments I read there were very positive of your work, but I must say, no one spoke with the kind of pleasure and gratitude that I feel about your work. Again, thanks.
    Trey Scofield - Houston - oscofield at

  • Tony: They're exquisite! What a wonderful job you did of restoring them. And you got those handles and the knives all soldered together was just brilliant! Anyway...Wish I had more knives of that quality that needed fixing....but I certainly will recommend your services every chance I get. Thanks again. From initial e-mail to final delivery of perfect product, the entire exchange was wonderful.
    Blanche Brann - BlancheBrann at

  • Well Tony,
    My knife arrived today and I can't thank you enough for the effort and craftsmanship you displayed in bringing back to life my Grandfather's vintage knife. Obviously, I had read the exerts from your web site, but your work far exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful!
    Thanks again for your time and efforts and feel free to use me as if reference if you desire.
    Sincerely, Bruce Stewart - bruce.j.stewart at

  • Hi Tony,
    WOW...WOW...and WOW again! Grrrrrreat job! It looks better than when I got it from Jim (but please don't tell him I said that). I could not have asked for a better job. Thanks for taking care of that grind/sharpening problem area too. Perfect blending! You truly are a master of your craft. I will be very happy to pass this heirloom down to my children so that they may enjoy is as much as I have.
    It was a distinct pleasure dealing with you and meet you even though it was only through e-mails. I will recommend you to any who ask me for the name of a true knife craftsman!
    Take care and God bless,
    Frank De Luna - San Jose, California - FDeluna at

  • Tony:
    I've been very remiss in saying "Thank You !!!!" for your hard work and beautiful craftsmanship !
    The work you did in recovering my dad's knives was first class all the way and I wanted to say "Thanks" for you efforts.

    I've taken your work and made a beautiful memorial for my dad with his Burial flag and your knives and his medals and awards that commemorates his life and achievements and without your work it would not have been complete.
    I know and trust that if I ever have any work to be done in the future that I can give you a call and if you say "it can be done" I am assured that you can do it and do it right.
    I am very very grateful for your talents.
    Your truly,
    David Katz Portland, OR - dkatz at "A true fan !"

  • Dear Mr. Hnilica:
    Superb! Phenomenal! Excellent! Thank you so very much for the work you did on the knife! The picture you sent does not do it justice.
    I will not hesitate to use your services again, and I will recommend you to anyone who will listen.
    Take Care,
    Greg Beaton - Vancouver, BC - gbeaters at

  • Tony,
    I received the BSA knife. The quality of your craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. Was able to show knife to my dad when I visited him at Easter. Hard to believe the knife is pushing 40 years of age. Looking forward to many more years of service from it thanks to your efforts. I cannot thank you enough.
    Thank you,
    Charlie - cjo_ies at

  • Hi Tony!
    Wow! Great job! My Dad's knife came out GREAT! I really had no hope for it and expected it to be "junk" and not repairable at all. In fact, it never looked so good. I am amazed that you were able to find enough steel left on it to re-grind it at all. Wow. It is also the sharpest knife I have ever held. I am glad you warned me! You are very correct -- it doesn't feel sharp when you test it with your fingers! But I could truly shave with it.
    My knife is also beautiful and much better than I expected. I like the way you refinished the handles on both knives as well.
    The pocketknife is in my pocket and is the sharpest it has ever been as well.
    I can't thank you enough. You have all my knife business from now on. All of my friends’ and family’s business included!
    Best regards,Dan
    Daniel Chase - chaselings at

  • The knives arrived today,and they're beautiful! Thank you very much. I will certainly call on you again if I have any other knife problems.
    Peggy Norris - Water2459 at

  • Hi Tony,
    Absolutely, this knife is 1000% better than what I hoped for, you are an incredible workman with knives.
    I couldn't be happier with your work and I know have a knife that not only works like new, looks like new, but after I put it to work for the next 40 years, (I hope at least that being 36 years old), would be a nice present to a nephew or niece.
    You are the man,
    Rob Franke - rfranke at

  • Hi Tony!! arrived!! I haven't been this excited about a knife since the day I discovered the original knife many years ago. The locking mechanics of the knife really fascinated me. Now that it is usable again, it will bring me more years of pride and fun.
    All thanks to your masterful craftsmanship. Thanks again, Tony! Great work and superior service .....

    Competent, courteous, concerned, passionate, professional, open-minded, imaginative.
    Tony Hnilica at Custom Knives & Services is all this and much more. This avatar of service takes nothing for granted and your only trepidation is whether the courier can get your repair to him and back.
    You will not be disappointed. Tony does more than provide a service. He creates a life experience.

    E-mail me for a personal reference at:    jenserge at
    Sincerely, Serge Gossmann

  • Tony,
    I thought the last time you out-did your self. I was wrong, You have surpassed my highest expectations. I have been searching for several years to hope to find the right person to refurbish these antique stag carved knives. I always thought they had hope and now they have a new life entirely.
    All I can say is: WOW, THEY LOOK GREAT!!! Thanks again for such fine quality work and your turn around time is amazingly fast.
    Thomas Litton - thomaslitton at

  • Hello Tony,
    My knife arrived safely this morning and I'm still smiling!
    You did a beautiful job, Tony.
    I love how the designs in the abalone fit so nicely with the contour of the knife. The color and depth seem to leap right out at you. I'll send you a picture after it's engraved.
    It's been a real pleasure meeting and working with you and I will recommend you to my knife buddies.
    Thanks for everything...including the fast shipping!
    Until next time!
    All the best,
    Ty Franklin - TyFranklin at

  • Hi Tony,
    What can I say, the two knives surpass all expectations. You did a remarkable job. Their history is secure and their future is sure to be long. I can only say thank you so much. With the recent events the knives mean that much more to me and to see the care and skill that you applied to them makes me extremely grateful to you and so happy that I found you to restore them.
    Take care and thanks,

    Mark - mark at

  • Tony,
    The knife arrived home safely. All I can say is thank you so very much for the beautiful job and workmanship. I was stunned with the work you did to restore it, as well as making the new spring. It looks like it did that night in 1958 when I bought it in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We were waiting for a snow plow to clear the road ahead and were trying to get home in time for Christmas.
    Many thanks and let me know if you need a good reference.
    Warm regards,

    John Schroeder - jschroeder at

  • Hi Tony,
    The knives arrived safely today. What amazes me is the different feel I get just by holding them in my hand. Both knives feel much more solid than before. I appreciate your fine work and the timely manner in which it was done. As I continue collecting knives - I hope if ever I need your services, you are available.

    Sincerest Regards,

  • Hi Tony
    A small package arrived today and I'm smiling. You have done a wonderful job, it's so much better than the original.
    Thanks very much for looking after me so well. I have a very special knife.

    Regards and all the best
    David Hayman - tradewind at

  • Tony
    Arrived today. Knives and case look great. Thanks.
    Very nice dealing with you. Do not hesitate to use us as reference.
    Warmest regards

    Ed - mc010162 at

  • Hi Tony,
    The knife arrived in the Mail on Friday. It is truly a beautiful job, I could not be happier. I’m so pleased that the knife retained so much of it’s characteristics. I’ll be dropping it in Dad’s stocking this Christmas. I’m sure he will be very pleased too. Thanks so much for your fine work and craftsmanship.
    The only thing I see as being a problem is it may be too pretty for him to use now!
    Have a terrific Christmas, and thanks again.

    Sean - SLewis at

  • Dear Tony,
    I just received my knife today in the mail. It is beautiful!!!
    You are a true craftsman. I know you don't do this for the money(of course it helps); but rather because you love to see the restored product. You really are a artist. I appreciate so much what you did.
    This knife is one I will pass on to my sons with a new chapter added to its long and interesting history.
    If you ever get down this way please give me a call. I would love to show you some southern hospitality

    Sincerely Jerry Ogle - jerry.ogle at

  • Tony,
    The knife came today. I can not tell you how happy I am with your work! The knife is outstanding.
    The work you did is incredible! The handles fit and look perfect. The metal looks brand new.
    This whole project came out better than I ever expected. Plus, it is super cool that you got it done so quickly.
    This is the best knife in my collection. Thank you so much!! You are the best.

    Harv Donohue - hjdonohue at

  • Tony,
    We just got our knife and we are completely astounded that it is the same knife we sent you!
    It is truly unbelievable that this is the same knife that my husband used to play Army with as a kid.
    It was so rusty and dull that it was completely harmless back then.
    Although we are not completely sure if this knife came from his uncle, that served in WW2 or his grandfather that was a butcher in NYC.
    We know that is a part of his family history and we are proud that you transformed it into a beautiful piece of art! Thanks so much!

    Brooke Kerzner - skytoots at

  • Good morning, Tony,
    My knife arrived yesterday and I am delighted. The action is smooth and the lock very positive. The polishing job makes the knife look better than new and the blade pivots more precisely along the centerline of the frame than when it was new. It is in my pocket as I write this note and I am very happy to have it back in service again. Thanks very much for your help and excellent craftsmanship.

    By all means post my note in your Customer Comments section. My comments are just the simple truth, and I would be pleased to think that a prospective customer might find them reassuring.
    Be assured that I will come to you again if I need another repair or if I decide to have a custom knife made. Thanks, again, for everything.

    Best regards,
    James O'Steen - Houston, Texas

  • Tony,
    I received my knife and it looks great. Beautiful restoration job! I sent the knife to replace a pin and it came back totally restored. Thank you very much, great job!
    You are a true craftsman. Thank you!
    Yes, absolutely you may use my words. Very impressed with the quality of your work and the total experience.

    Thanks again,
    Glenn Walsh - Petaluma, California

  • Hello Tony,
    You have no idea of how pleased I am! The knife looks absolutely beautiful from the photos.
    I cannot wait to see it, and am even more excited for the day that I am able to return it to my friend.

    I so appreciate all that you have done for me, and for all the attention and effort that you have put forth on my behalf. I cannot even find adequate words to express it.
    Before I resorted to the internet and found you, I can't tell you how many "experts" I went to in order to have the knife repaired.
    They all thought I was crazy. They said it wasn't worth much and certainly not worth fixing, and that I should just buy him a new knife.
    It may be true that it's not worth a whole lot, but it did have immeasurable sentimental value. I felt bad enough at having been responsible for breaking it, so their words were less than comforting to me.
    They did not seem to understand the importance of why I wanted to fix that particular knife. Thank God for you. You not only understood, but you were willing to take the time to work with a person, namely me, who knows absolutely nothing about knives, not to mention the pain I must be with my technological skills so lacking. Many, many thanks! I am truly grateful.
    Have a wonderful day!

    Becky Lawler - Warrensburg, NY
    blsmithlawler at

  • Hey Tony,
    Wow! The knife is alive once again, outstanding work performed.
    It was worth ever penny to have this knife restored, I can now hand down this family heirloom to my son with pride.
    Thank you Tony for all your help and professional services, you really delivered on the "see my magic".
    Poof, I had an old rotten broken down knife ... and now it looks like new!

    Excellent work my friend, I look forward to telling all my friends and family how the knife was repaired/restored and by whom.
    Every knife has a story, and you are now a big part of this Classic Ron Lake Folder.

    Best Regards,
    Brian Kevin Stewart - Youngsville, Louisiana
    bksinspector at

  • Tony,
    Received the folder in last night's mail. WOW !! Looks Great! I can't believe the craftsmanship! I really didn't know what to expect when I sent it to you. The pictures you sent didn't do your efforts justice!

    This knife was a prized rememberance from my Grandpa and my Dad really treasured it. When he passed it on to me I was honored and felt so bad as it started to deteriorate in front of my eyes. I wanted to preserve the tradition and memories. My thoughts were to preserve it as much as I could and honor the memory of my Dad and Grandpa. My Dad would have been elated with it.

    Thanks again for your efforts.
    Stay warm and
    Merry Christmas.

    Wes - Bloomfield hills, Michigan
    rbosc45 at

  • Tony

    My knife arrived yesterday.

    OK - so now I have a problem with the knife. You did a magnificent job on it - the metal is all beautiful and shiny, and the wood is lovely.
    So now my problem is that I can no longer throw it in my tool box and use it for the things for which I broke it in the first place.
    It was always my favorite go-to knife for rough projects. Far too nice for that, now.

    You have wonderful skills, and I thank you for the work that you did for me. I have wanted to have that knife repaired for a very long time. My knife now has a sense of "heirloom" to it, so I will always treasure it - but use it much more carefully.

    Thank you, again for all you did, for the prompt service, and the clear and frequent emails on its progress.


    The Rev. C. Joseph Sitts, Longwood, Florida
    cjsitts at

  • Hi Tony,

    The SOG folder arrived today and I was speechless.
    All I could do for five minutes was smile and turn it over and over in my hands and then chuckle and grin.
    Your work is beyond expectations - far beyond - in every way.
    The fitting of the cocobolo scales is flawless, as are the matching and positioning of the grain, and the polish. Just masterful. And the metal polishing - I had no idea the knife could or ever would look this good. You're an artist Tony!
    And you can post my remarks anywhere, anytime, and I'll stand behind every word I've said. In addition to everything else, the turnaround time was incredibly short and the delivery, amazingly quick. Please let me know when the m.o. arrives so I can be certain that, at the least, I was able to repay you in some small way for your pains and cost in shipping.

    Best Regards,
    Mike - Fairfax, California
    mikiepoo46 at

  • The knife made it!!!
    It looks fantastic. The finish is great. I'm glad you stop taking metal when you did. Anymore and it would have hit the stamps.
    I'm really happy Tony. My father couldn't believe it. He was very happy, to say the least.
    It's hard to put words to expressions I saw on his face when he was holding it. My mother is in very sick right now and he's looking after her 24/7. So it was nice to take him away from all that for a brief bit and take him back some years. Thank you, you did more than metal smithing for me.
    We don't have forever Tony.
    Make the most of it.
    Best Wishes

    David Amoroso, Cape Coral, Florida
    damoroso at

  • Hi Tony,
    I got the knife in the mail today and it's heart stopping! I just love it. you are truly an artist and a craftsman. Thanks you so much.
    You were right, the scales you selected are perfect and suite the knife perfectly.
    Hope this thank you e-mail makes it,

    Dan Olmstead - Santa Clara, California
    Dan at

  • Hi Tony,

    I actually received the knives a few days ago, but have not had time to comment. but yesterday evening I did spend a coupe of hours examining the knife, you definitely did a tremendous job. the knifes are in way better condition than when they were sent to you. Near perfect.

    I would add that, you did not go over the top , but did re-capture the true character of these fighting knifes and returned them to a state of "combat readiness".
    The bluing effect on the blade gives the knifes a real bad-ass look and your work on the restoring the pommels to a soft luster does justice to the blade.
    The restore was a balanced effort and I'm completely happy.
    My brother will definitely be satisfied to receive the knife for his retirement, as the blade looks and feels almost exactly like the one he lost, long ago....

    Great craftsmanship, I will pass on your cards once I show the blade to some friends. If I ever do need another restore, you will certainly get the call.

    Have a great day.

    Tom Scott - Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada
    tomterry.scott at

    PS: My office mate who was also a marine, examined the knives and said they are, in his view - "priceless".

  • Tony:

    Received the knife yesterday. It looks absolutely GREAT !!!!!!!
    You exceeded all of my expectations for refurbing the knife. The Blacktip MOP looks much better in person than in the pictures. It looked so good I said to myself that "Tony is a true Craftsman".
    Also appreciated the way you kept me informed each step of the way. Today, I gave the knife to my son Eric so he would have something his Grandfather used daily.
    You made this possible and for that you have my thanks. If I can ever be a reference for you feel free to give my email out.

    Thanks again,

    Bill Driscoll - San Jose, California
    Bdriscoll100 at

  • Dear Tony,

    I received the finished knife in the mail last night and it is absolutely breathtaking.
    The same pocketknife that my Great Grandfather had with him in the trenches of France has been given another hundred years thanks to your work.
    There are few true craftsmen left in the world and you my friend are among the best of them, I never expected the old knife to not only look as good as it does, but to function just as well as the day it was made. The blades snap open sharply, and everything just feels solid.
    I also appreciated the photographs and emails that you sent of the work as it progressed, you not only are providing a great service, you have created an experience for the customer that I truly enjoyed.
    I will be actively looking for other projects for you. I hope you will feel free to use this letter or any others I have sent on your website, and should they wish to contact me, I will be glad to provide a referral.

    Thank you again, for the wonderful work

    Adrian Spiering - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    adrian.spiering at

  • Tony,

    My childhood pocket knife arrived today, and to say that I'm very pleased with the repair is a huge understatement. I knew it was going to be great from all the pics you sent me of the work in progress, but the knife is even nicer than I'd hoped. I appreciate you working with me over the course of a few days to select the best material for the new scales.
    It really paid off, and the Australian Malee burl that you had on hand is absolutely perfect. It's a much more attractive knife now than it ever was.
    I'll be proudly showing this around (and using it) for years and years, I'm sure. You are a true professional and craftsman, and the entire process of dealing with you was a pleasure.
    Can't recommend you and your work highly enough. Thank you!

    All right, thanks a million!

    Barry Hathaway - Crestline, California
    barry at

  • Hi Tony,

    Found my knife in the mail when I got home from work last night. What a beautiful job. My knife looks better than ever. Amazing job on preserving the original handle. Also, the finger guard replacement, the original reason for starting this process, is better than I had hoped. You are a skilled tradesman and artist.

    Many thanks,

    Dan Beaulieu - Welland, Ontario
    beaulieu at

  • Tony,
    today I received my once worn out eighty year old Case knife. I can hardly believe my eyes!
    Present are beautiful, polished Australian hardwood scales pinned expertly with the old Case shield inletted with microscopic precision.
    The once rusty and wobbly blade is now brightly sparkling, razor sharp, and tight as a drum when open.
    The dead spring has been replaced and now the knife is a joy to open and close. The action is as smooth as glass. The bolsters are gleaming and smooth.
    You, sir, are a fabulous craftsman in a world more and more full of shoddy products. It has been a great pleasure to follow your craftsmanship via the photos that you sent to me during the restoration. I will treasure my knife always and will recommend you without hesitation to anyone. Yours,

    Seth Montgomery - Austin, Texas
    seth.hunt.montgomery at

  • Received the knives today. They look amazing, better than I expected. You are a true craftsman.
    Thank you so much for giving these knives a second life.

    Shaun Smath - Massapequa, New York
    shaun.smath at

  • When I contacted Tony about the knife repair, I thought there was no hope to salvage my knives.
    These were knives that I bought at a street market in Japan, the maker made knives for samurai warriors and these knives were sharp and the blades were still amazingly sharp after 13 years. However the handles were broken and one actually had rusted/fallen off.
    The knives were sentimental, so I had to give it a shot to try and find someone that could fix them.
    I contacted Tony and he told me he could do the job.
    I was a little hesitant at first not knowing if I could send the knives to Canada and if they would come back, but Tony assured me all would be fine. I followed his instructions step by step, shipped the knives up to Canada and in about 3 weeks' time (maybe even a little less) the knives were back in my possession and honestly they looked BETTER than when I purchased them 13 years prior.
    I was shocked. He welded new tangs on the knives and got them looking amazing.
    The blades are so shiny you can see yourself in them, which was never the case before.
    The handles were solid and the knives were exceedingly sharp. Tony is a true master of his craft and an artist.
    I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone looking to repair a knife that you think might be beyond repair.
    Tony not only met, but GREATLY exceeded my expectations.
    Thank you Tony! Hands down an amazing service.

    Kerby Skurat - Plymouth, Minesotta
    Kerby at

  • Hi Tony
    Wow I still can't believe you finished it and with one and a half working eyes!
    I really really do appreciate you keeping our date in the time frame even after you had eye surgery. (By the way I hope the swelling has gone down and recovery is going smoothly.)
    This means the world to me and my husband once he gets to open the package on his Birthday.
    Please do use my response for your customer's comments on your website! Thanks so much Tony- I'm so HAPPY I came across your website online to do this knife restoration!! I will let my mom to know to keep an eye out for the package next week. THANK YOU!!

    Jenna Theriault - Dodgeville, Wisconsin
    Theriaultjenna at

  • Hi Tony,
    The beautiful knife arrived, safe and sound, in yesterdays mail.... I cannot express the delight when I opened the very well wrapped package.
    The knife is BEAUTIFUL....Vicki is going to be delighted...It brought a tear to my eyes and such joy.
    Thank you so much for your remarkable workmanship.
    If you need a reference....please feel free to use my name...I will refer you with gratitude.

    Nancy G Green - Arlington, Washington
    liloldred at

  • Dear Tony:
    I just opened my Ka-Bar US Navy knife that I got back from you. I am shocked at how nice this is.
    My son and I can't stop picking it up and handling it. The darkened blade just stands out and the way you arranged and shaped the stacked leather washer handle makes it look and feel awesome.
    Based on the description on your site as to what you have to do to restore a knife like mine, when you gave me the estimate I thought it was fair.
    Now receiving this beautiful hand-crafted knife, I feel like I totally got a bargain! Thank you and all the best to you.

    Jerry Idec - Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
    gidec at

  • Hi Tony,
    Wow you really made my day!! I can't believe how you have brought this knife to life! The picture does not do it justice by any stretch.
    The way the handle feels is incredible. I really like the colors you picked & while I was hesitant at first about the turquoise inlay, I love it.
    Your repair & restoration of this knife is so much more than a is artwork.
    I wish my Dad were here to see it.. this is one way I can honor his memory.
    Thank you for what you do. I am so grateful!

    Suzanne Beaty - Bridgman, Michigan
    szbeaty at

  • Tony,
    Got the knife in yesterday mail. Oh my, what a beautiful piece of work! Thank you so much!
    You have created and sustained an heirloom for my family. It is not only beautiful, it feels so good in hand.
    Tony thanks again, you should be so proud of this work. I hope you show it on your website!
    I am going to put together the whole story of this knife from Grandpa's history to the creation of its successor.
    I will treasure this for years to come,

    With respect,
    Jerry Randall - Washington, Utah
    jerabv557 at

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