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This is to say, that even though some knife repairs are pretty straight forward, most are complicated or can become so in a flash.
Every repair very much depends on a successful disassembly.
Main pins, which are often totally invisible to the eye, have to be drilled and punched out without the punch even touching the edge of the hole.
All you need is a stubborn or bent pin to crack that priceless scale on the family heirloom - it has already happened.
I could swear that some were designed by extra-terrestrials.
Some manufacturers decided that angled bolsters do not violate the copy rights of manufacturers who made bolsters straight cut, and some did go even further - angles on front and back bolster are slightly different.
It is impossible to fit replacement scales on these without some gaps without precision factory jigs.
Mention of this is a result of one unhappy customer, who got his prompt refund without any hassle.
The good ol' Murphy's list goes on and on. And yes, there is always the first time for some other unforeseen mishap ......

It is pretty difficult decision for anyone to entrust that irreplaceable, but sorry looking or broken knife to a complete stranger just found on the internet.

You only have my assurances that I will do my very best to complete the repair to your satisfaction.
Many customers would go as far as to recommend my services. With their permission to use their email and their address I am sharing the views of some of them with you.
You can have more than just the promise of the repairman, read on the words of other people.

I am grateful, and I thank all for their nice and kind comments, and shared pleasures.
Read on and decide for yourself if my service is worth choosing.

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