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For your new custom knife you can save by supplying your own materials if you can, like Damascus blade steel, your special handle scales
(If obtainable, of course. I do have to pay extra S&H and GST, PST, and the BS tax-brokerage tax collecting fee on all materials)

Due to cost increases everywhere, the return Shipping & handling by a traceable mail is no longer included.
All prices are in US dollars.

Note on the blade blanks:

I do not make Un-finished, or Finished, blade blanks or throwing knives (no handle scales attached, no cord wrap etc., just a full metal tang).
In the making of the blade blank - the chunk of metal is the cheapest item.
To make a blank is labor intensive, and gobbles up shop resources like grinding belts, polishing supplies, electricity, gas and oils for heat treating and other costs, like time spending writing email back and forth with someone who in the end says -"Gosh, this is just too expensive, bye"
There are burned fingers and ground off skin - these will heal in time, but burned out bearings or motors on equipment will not, and will have to be replaced.

Your designed grind lines look great on paper, but in reality with a metal to the wheel, they seldom come out precisely as you have envisioned, simply because they are done by hand, not a computer aided machine.
There is nothing worse than dissatisfied customer telling me that this shape is a wee bit off here, and wee bit off there - after all you should get exactly what you paid for, hey?
So, if you still want me to make a blade blank, be prepared to pay almost the full price for the size of the finished knife, and understand that the shape will be only approximately as you designed.
I will of course try hard to make it as close as possible.
Or just go buy cheap blank made in China, or knife kit from knife making supplies so you can practice making handle on your very "own" knife. Thank you for understanding.

Udated December 2006 - working on it

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