Limited Warranty

Every knife is made to the best of my ability, using the best materials possible, and is guaranteed to perform as designed.
Every knife is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.
If you ever have any problems with your *AJH* knife, please contact me, and it will be made right.
Because each knife is individually hand crafted and unique, if the total replacement is needed, I will try to make it
as close to the original shape and appearance as I can.
The repair costs, if any (The improper use and storage will void the free repair warranty), will be determined on individual circumstances.
The knives are inspected and sharpened to a razor edge before shipping, please handle with care.

Lifetime free sharpening and minor repairs, pay for shipping only.


To prevent rusting and pitting of the blades, the knives should not be stored in their leather sheaths.
It is because of the interaction between ever present condensation, and traces of chemicals left over by leather tanning process which can't be removed.

Customer Service for Custom work in progress

Any questions, concerning your Custom order knife, work in progress, method of shipping etc.

Custom order knife support - Return shipping

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