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Your request will be simply trashed if it does not comply with the following requirements:

  • My web site is designed for the Knife makers and their suppliers, so if you do not have the appropriate categories in Your Links/Resources index, create new, or have your webmaster do that for you, then place links to my web sites into them. I will do same for you if I do not have appropriate category.
  • Since YOU ARE the requesting party, it is up to you to initiate the links exchange by placing my links into these categories first, before filling this form.
  • Your Links Exchange page must be located on the same DNS address as the rest of your web site.
    That means that you have to create your OWN Links (or Resources) page. (No links partners web sites, or redirection to other DNS)
  • Direct link to your Links/Resources page on your Home (Front) page
  • Exchanged Links and their Categories on your website must be sorted and displayed in Alphabetical order regardless of the date listed. This is a world wide indexing standard.
  • Any Advertising in any form (URL) any input fields will trash the form

If you want your website URL listed without Equal Links Exchange value and requirements,
do request Paid Listing at your cost of $30.00 US/year.
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All Entries Require Input
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Text link and short description
Example:   Western Knifeworks - Folding and fixed blade knives and swords by Joe Dawn - Huston, TX, USA
Select one of these categories, or leave blank to fill the next entry box
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First: If you do not have proper categories, create them:
Custom knives | Knife repairs | Knife making materials, services
Place the links to following web sites into those categories by alphabetical order.

Custom knives:
*AJH* Custom Knives & Services (URL )
One of a kind custom hand made working and collectible knives. Daggers/letter openers, rare 10 Bowie knives, and more.

Knife repairs:
Professional knife repairs by *AJH* (URL
Professional knife repairs, restoration and refurbishing, sharpening. If it can be fixed, this is the place.

Knife making materials, services, suppliers:

Master Index of knife making materials, services and suppliers (URL )
Metals and other materials used for blades, handles and sheaths, Heat treatment tips, Links to scrimshaw, etching, metal plating, tools, trademark stamps, exotic woods, skins, gems, Direct contact listings and more.
Created by Tony Hnilica - *AJH* Custom Knives & Services

(Note - Asterisks (Stars) on both sides of AJH are a part of my trademark, so please do not leave them out)

If your site is about knives, your link will be located at

Any other unrelated content is located in categories on:

As you see,   both Resource pages are directly linked to the Home Page.  Your link will be placed in NEW, and appropriate Category

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One of a kind custom hand made working and collectible knives. Daggers/letter openers, rare 10 Bowie knives, and more. Master Index of knifemaking materials, suppliers and services

Professional knife repairs by *AJH*

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