Note about SPAM:

If you have emailed to me an inquiry by any feedback form, or directly to one of my email addresses, and did not get any response even after a few re-tries,
it may be that your messages were simply deleted at my mail server.
Simple reason would be that you have, in the past, sent an unsolicited email to my email account (SPAM), or your choice of words in Subject field, or Message body triggered my Delete filter (I have already more than a thousand filters for each email account affected by SPAM.
I have ZERO tolerance for such mail.
As soon as it is received, any SPAM is immediately submitted to SpamCop, and several mail filters created from such mail's Source code.
Since SPAMers already forge email headers, forge return URL and reply to, and from, fields, it is necessary to block not only the sender (and it may be your stolen identity) but also it's mail server / ISP URL, and make filters out of Subject and message body text.
Such mail is immediately filtered out permanently at my mail server, not even reaching my workstation - not just labeled Junk.
Processing my business email takes me upward of 600 hours per year (without pay), 4/5 of which is dedicated to fighting SPAM. So it happens that some legitimate inquiry never reaches its destination. It is a loss to both of us.
Identities are easily stolen from Address books of your friends, or your own neglect to protect it.. be vigilant.

If you are NOT getting reply from me within 24 or less, click on this link

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