Professional Knife Repairs   by *AJH* Custom Knives & Services

To cover any Knife Repairs, the full payment / estimated amount must be included in your repair package.
This allows for immediate, hassle free, shipment after the repair is done.
You are required to consult the Prices page to add up all necessary items, before asking:
"Hey, how much you figure this will cost me? It is only a $15 old knife", or "This is just a small kitchen paring knife with rivets missing".

Minimum shop fee for any knife repairs with the exception of a free estimate is $200.00 US. Labor and parts are extra.
Example: Your Santoku kitchen knife 12" over all length which you have purchased at Value Village for $6.00, needs blade cleaned up (polished etc) sharpened, and a new handle.
Your cost will be $225.00 US. It is a special package deal scalled down - labour, parts and S&H is only $25 on top of the minimum shop fee of $200.00

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No credit cards or personal checks are accepted due to scam and mail fraud

Accepted payments:

All US orders:
- Postal International Money Order = You have to get your bod to the PO and purchase the IMO in person - cash up front
- US POST - MILITARY Money Order (No limitation printed on the check)
For all other countries: International Money Order (Postal or Bank) in US dollars only

Canadian orders: Postal Money Order in US dollars only.

Unfortunate that Canadian dollar value is dropping, but not the prices of US supplies.

My own knives which are on sale or are otherwise available for shipping, are all priced in US dollars. The pictures and prices will apear in appropriate Custom knife gallery
These knives are priced to go and ready for shipping immediately after receiving the payment. Shipping *AJH* knives

NOT negotiable in Canada:

Personal checks, regular bank drafts, and regular Postal Money Orders from other countries (includes USA)
Note: Regular US Postal Money Order comes with a limitation printed right on it:

Negotiable in the US and possessions.

Canada, contrary to the US and the world belief, is not yet possession of the USA, at least as far as the Canadian banks are concerned.
They simply refuse to handle any form of payment not negotiable in Canada.
The payments by PayPal are no longer accepted: is no longer releasing payments deposited in USD to Canadians (in USD) efectively telling Canadians what currency they are allowed to have (only CAD)
Communicate by e-mail the amount of your payment, and the date you have mailed it.
It is great for later reference, and tracking is easier in case of a lost mail.

If you want to inquire about your knife repair, please have a picture ready to attach to my reply to your inquiry - scan will do.
Check out the repairs web page for prices, shipping and other instructions.

Tony Hnilica
*AJH* Custom Knives & Services
PO Box 657
Lytton, BC, V0K-1Z0

Phone: (250)455-2594
Any initial contact by phone must be followed by completing the Repair form

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