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Professional Knife Repairs    by *AJH* Custom Knives & Services


Your full Payment is required up front - include it with the knife.

If you mail in your knife for the cost /work estimate only without any repair, you pay for the return S&H $35.00.
You must include it with your knife, if you want your knife back without repair. My estimate is free.

If you want me to continue with actual repair after the estimate, the estimate fee minus $35 is due before the repair will take place.

Any hands on repairs, however small - the minimum shop fee is $150.00 US. Parts , materials and labor are extra

The repairs are labor intensive, and therefore are not cheap.
To see where your money goes, the Whys, and the What's of repairing your knife, check out the summary:

Where your money goes

If you know your knife is a piece of junk you do not want to spend any money on, do not insult me with the repair inquiry fishing for cheap price.
Some knives will need extra work which may be discovered only after the disassembly, so there will be an additional charge for that.
Before you submit the Repair form make sure that you have an idea what it will cost you.

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