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Your Payment is required up front - include it with the knife.
When shipping up your knife only for the Estimate of the Repair cost include the payment $50.00 for the Return S&H
The repairs are labor intensive, and therefore are not cheap.
To see the Whys, and the What's of repairing your knife, check out    Where your money goes

Materials - I do suply the best materials from what I have on hand included in the Basics, or you can send your own
Labor - is never the same, so can not be set in stone, about 8 hours, some over 20.

Some knives will need extra work which may be discovered only after the disassembly - for example:
If multiple blades, springs, bolsters, large custom size MOP scales, or frame liners replacement is required,
your final cost may be over $400.00 US

Before you submit the Repair form make sure that you have a rough idea what it will cost you.

Turn around - The knife is usualy repaired within a week from arrival. The return depends on the customer urgency to have it in specific time frame, and country.
Domestic (Canada) shipping is the next day after completion of work, or for US customer on my next trip to US, shipping it from US.

If you know your knife is a piece of junk you do not want to spend any money on, do not insult me with the repair inquiry fishing for cheap price.

You may feel that the repair cost is too high, after all, it is only a handle, only one blade, or just one spring that needs replacing.
Or just a couple of scales of wood, or better dishwasher safe Pakkawood or Dymondwood scales, some glue, and rivets.
Or that only your blades are a bit rusty with some ruts pits, but the handle is perfect ...Nothing else needs replacing
You say the knife you have is perfect it every way, but it is a bit loose and needs tightening up ....

No such simple thing. Do not act surprised, read on: To see where your money goes, the Whys, and the What's of repairing your knife, check out the summary:

Where your money goes

Notice !
Automatic knives are classed as a prohibited weapons in most countries.  
Possession, manufacture, sales, repairs, handling and transfer are subject to
Criminal Law 2502
Us Switchblade Laws - Weapon Laws for Dummies


Any etched manufacturer's logos or trademarks, or shallow stamping, will be obliterated by removing scratches from the blade.
Read more about the Knife repairs on the
Repairs page

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