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  Chemical Engineering Canada Corporation

3110-580 Seaborne Ave
Port Coquitlam BC V3B 8G8

Adhesives and Sealants manufacturer / supplier.
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A very disturbing is to find that many websites are used for absolutely unrelated merchandise, or purpose as the name represents.
That is an ouright Identity / name theft.
I have seen 8 out of 10 websites taken over by oriental interests - no English
If you decide to sell or abandon your web site, remember you are selling all your past good reputation which may have taken you a long time to build.
Crooks are making money from your name, your past hard work, and your good reputation.

  American Buff International, Inc.

219 W.Court Street
PO Box 581
Paris, IL 61944-0581
phone ..................... 1-217-465-1411
Toll free ................. 877.465.1411
FAX........................ 1-217-465-1210
Toll Free Fax.............. 866.465.1210
Web Site and Email .......................... Domain "" expired
You can try to phone.
Abrasives Supperstore - High quality Coated, Nonwoven, and Specialty Abrasives.
Abrasive belts, sheets, shop rolls, flap wheels, mandrell mounted, PSA disks, spiral bands, laminated and resin fiber disks
surface conditioning belts, disks and stars, satin airway and finishing buffs and disks, loose ply, cross, flutter and square buffs
sloted overlap disks, cartrige rolls and much more.
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The present company was established in the year 1984 as a cottage industry.
Today we are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of the raw, semi finished, finished cattle bone & horn, in all possible sizes, colors and forms

Delhi, India

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