HARDWOOD SAMPLES - from South African supplier Afric Eye
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Purple ball bullet African Blackwood    (Dalbergia Melanoxynol))

AfricanBlackwood-1a AfricanBlackwood-2a
AfricanBlackwood-1  AfricanBlackwood-2

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Purple ball bullet Camel Thorn    (Acacia erilioba)
CamelThorn-1a CamelThorn-2a
CamelThorn-1  CamelThorn-2

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Purple ball bullet Leadwood    (Combretum imberbe)
Leadwood-1a Leadwood-2a
Leadwood-1  Leadwood-2

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Purple ball bullet Pink Ivory    (Berchemia zeyheri)
PinkIvory-1a PinkIvory-2a
PinkIvory-1  PinkIvory-2

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Purple ball bullet Raisen Berry    (Ozoroa paniculasa)
RaisenBerry-1a RaisenBerry-2a
RaisenBerry-1  RaisenBerry-2

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Purple ball bullet Tamboti    (Spyrostachis africana)
Tamboti-1a Tamboti-2a
Tamboti-1  Tamboti-2

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Purple ball bullet Wild African Olive    (Olea africana)
WildAfricanOlive-1a WildAfricanOlive-2a
WildAfricanOlive-1  WildAfricanOlive-1

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