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Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora
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It is important for any civilized person in any country in the world to know that many species are being wiped out of existence by high commercial demands on their body parts. With today's technology man made substitutes are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and if not so, than make use of other materials.

Canadian Knife Makers and Suppliers

When you working with a piece of the exotic hardwood or the fancy skin, horn or bone, the nice piece of shell for inlay ...... Do you ever give it a thought?
Does it come from Endangered Species?

Materials from large Knifemakers Supplies in the US are all in compliance with import/export laws in the US.

Many species of animals and plants are in danger of extinction because of excessive hunting and commercial exploitation.
In your commercial or private endeavors, some of your purchases may be wildlife products or plant materials that are controlled by International Treaties requiring special permits to Export or Import the items legally.
Environment Canada is the federal government department responsible for administering and enforcing CITES in Canada.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES - is an international agreement which regulates trade in a number of species of animals and plants, their parts and derivatives, and any articles made from them.
The convention is applied in Canada in accordance with the Wild Animal and Plant Trade Regulations made under the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.

WARNING!   If CITES listed wildlife or material is imported into Canada, or exported (or attempted to be exported) from Canada, without the necessary permits, those goods are subject to seizure, forfeiture and the importers/exporters are liable to prosecution.

Remember, the agreement is international. Abide by your country's regulations.

CITES operates through an import/export permit system that is stricter for more endangered species. Animals and plants that require protection are classified into one of three appendices.

List of scientific names in all 3 Appendices are contained in the
Control List No.12
and is available from
Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service
Appendix I

Most Endangered species.
Trade is Severely Restricted.
Must haveBOTH a CITES export permit from the country the item is coming from, and a CITES import permit from Canada.
Trade for primarily commercial purposes is prohibited.
CITES import permits are issued only under special circumstances.
You will also Require the Import Permit in advance
Appendix II

Species listed here are
Not considered endangered,
but they may become so if their trade is not regulated.
Before you may import or export these species or product, you Must have a CITES Export Permit from the country of export.
Appendix III

Species listed here are also
Not considered Endangered,
but are under special management in certain countries.
A CITES export permit is required to export species or product listed here from a listed country,
and a CITES certificate of origin
is required for re-export.
What if you already own a specimen or any part or product derived from a species listed by CITES and want to take it in or out of Canada temporarily - like for example receive it or send it out for repairs.
You require a CITES Temporary Trade Certificate to accompany the item.
Permits Foreign permits If you purchase a CITES listed product in another country, you must obtain the proper CITES export permit or certificate from that country's government.

Import permits & temporary trade certificates
are issued by the Canadian Wildlife Service headquarters.

Canadian export permits
are issued by the Wildlife Service of the province or territory in which they originate.
moreinfo A copy of the Act and its Regulation may be obtained from:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H3

607- FOSSILS are not subject to provisions of the Convention.

If applicable, materials listed in my Master Index of Materials will be marked
according to their CITES appendices classification

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