Purple ball bullet   PARFLEX - Range of rubber-toughened Cyanoacrylates

Parson's PARFLEX ranged of rubber-toughened Cyanoacrylates will bond rubbers, metals and plastics.
They are formulated to give enhanced resistance to impact, vibration, temperature and humidity. Available in black and clear.

PARFLEX Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Specifications
Grade 3480 3380 3410 3310 3314
Material Base ethyl ethyl ethyl ethyl ethyl
Viscosity, cps 300 1000 3500 1000 4000
Appearance black black black clear clear
Gap Fill, mm .15 .30 .60 .30 .70
Tensile Shear Strength* N/mm 18-26 18-26 18-26 18-26 18-26
Fixture Time, in seconds 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60
Full Cure 24 hours
Temperature Range 65°C - 105°C
Melting Point 160°C - 170°C

For more information, log onto the Parsons Adhesives Inc website directly at:
Parson Adhesives, Inc. 675 Tennyson Drive, Rochester, MI 48307 Toll Free-Phone: 1-877-805-0185 Fax: (248) 299-3846 E-mail: sales at

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