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Parson's fast curing anaerobic adhesives covers a wide range of industrial applications. These single component materials are available in varying strengths, types, viscosity's and color-coding. From permanent fixture to lower strength grades that can be disassembled using ordinary tools. From very fast custom manufacture to suit customer requirements.

How Anaerobic Work

Anaerobic adhesives cure by the catalytic effect of metal and absence of air. When both conditions are met these adhesives/sealants form a tough, low shrinkage polymer providing total contact between two interfaces resulting in a vibration and leak-proof assembly. Anaerobics are kept in their liquid state by the use of special stabilizers and atmospheric oxygen.
Anaerobic can be affected by the following:

Correct cleaning can overcome dirty and greasy surfaces by the use of a degreasing agent. Inactive surfaces can mean that the adhesives take a longer time to cure or use a surface activator. For Gap filling checks that you are using the correct grade. Better results can be obtained with a surface activator.

Environmental Factors

Prolonged high temperatures above 150°C can affect overall performance. Over 170°C materials start to degrade fast. Certain grades will allow higher temperature performance. Most grades will retain full strength on cooling providing maximum service temperature has not been exceeded.

In liquid form, Parson anaerobic can be removed with most organic solvents such as acetone, Hardened Parson anaerobic show good resistance to most organic solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and gases.

Advantage of anaerobic adhesives

Above are just a few advantages of using Parfix Anaerobic Adhesives.
With over 12 standard grades available and with the added availability of custom-made grades for OEM applications.

For more information, log onto the Parsons Adhesives Inc website directly at:
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