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Real example: Visitor replies to my reply to his Master Index form feedback inquiry:

Tony, thank you for responding to my inquiry. I cannot figure out where to go in the Master Index.
I thought I had sent an e-mail to the ajh-knives site, and somehow it went back to you.
If there is an e-mail site for these folks can you send it to me.
Much confused, Visitor

Yet I have countless inquiries from people wanting me to sell stuff to them. Me no understand englis...??
You would not call the editor of the local Newspaper to sell you a couple of pounds of this new exotic fruit they have a picture of on the page 3, now would you?? What gives??

This said, and having to spent time explaining, I would like you to explain to me WHY and WHAT is confusing to you, or why do you need to read this help.
Please, do take a minute, and write.
I would like to correct the page, or sequence of logic steps, links that do not work etc., so it is easier to navigate for other visitors.

Looking up products / suppliers example:

For example you would like to get your hands on some Mother Of Pearl, cut slabs specific size and thickness, and you need the whole shells too, so you can cut whatever parts you need yourself.


  1. You goto the Master Index page which is:   material.html
  2. Looking for product - Mother Of Pearl - click on the index item:
    Mother of Pearl, shells for grips and inlays
    Now you are at the material Index that shows any Supplier that I have listed, dealing with MOP products.
    Clicking on any one of those will get you to the actual product page for MOP.
  3. Looking for WHOLE shells - click on listing that lists the fact:
  4. now you are off the Main Master Index web page - this is an actual Materials web page with all listed products in the category you were looking for.
    If you do not find here what you are looking for, than you have to search the internet elsewhere for your product, I am sure someone else has it.
  5. There are tables with product sizes and bullets and pictures, and names of Suppliers and explanations.
    If you find a specific size or product in the table, then click on the bullet next to it.
    This will transport you to the Supplier direct contact information listing web page.
  6. On the top of the actual material web page is a Drop down Page Menu for what categories are listed on the page.
    Under the menu it tell you: Click on bullets, pictures, names of listed suppliers
  7. Also there is a list of Designated bullets - as you notice. Some pages have a list of suppliers at the bottom.
    Each supplier has a "different" bullet assigned to him - you can click on those inside tables beside product sizes you look for.
    It gets you to the same Supplier listing web page as the pictures.
  8. Or you just can hover your mouse pointer over the bullet - if it gives you a finger -than click on it, if the pointer does not change, than it will at least display the name of the supplier.
    You then have to find this supplier elsewhere on the page and click on the name.

    As it says you can click on any pictures - try it

    There are pictures of whole MOP shells, the name of their supplier on the picture.
    All you got to do is click on one - this will get you to this specific Supplier Direct Contact information - you know - phones, emails, web sites?

    You may want to wait till the page loads completely - it does go to the particular supplier.
    If you jump the gun, the page loading stops - this happens to every page on the internet.
    The page main menu - list of all suppliers are right at the top, in front of your eyes, just click on the one supplier who was on the picture.
  9. The last step - you are on your own - click on the provided email in the listing and write to the supplier, or pick up the phone and dial, talk to the guy.

I am going to let you do your own search now that you have instructions.
I would like to know, to have your feedback, if you did get your shells, or other product from whom, and the total experience.
Sorry to be a bit of a bastard, but as I have said, I have so many inquiries without any corrective feedback, I would have to quit my full time job just to provide the introductions.
Be a game, will you? Please.

Warmest regards
Tony, webmaster

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