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Looking for a supplier of Alaskan Mammoth Ivory - and also Looking for a supplier of Russian Mammoth Ivory. Please contact: webmaster at

My husband, who passed away, made grips for Colt Single Actions using ivory micarta. I have a piece 12" x 21" x 1" thick that I would like to sell. Anyone interested?
Please contact: Marywolfe7 at


I have a lot of 4/4 lumber of a wood called "Palo Chino" - this in wide short lengths, as well as turning blocks.
Palo Chino translates directly as "Curly limb", and the grain definitely falls into the curly category. The color of the wood is kind of a coppery pink and the grain goes everywhere.
As far as I know I'm the only vendor that carries it.
The price is right, maybe it's a deal YOU can't refuse. heh! Actually, I thought you might like to get in on a "Pre-sale" at a slightly reduced price before I put the wood up on my website or advertise it elsewhere. Judith Mattart - THE LUMBERLADY
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Christopher Jones wrote:
We have available 10 tons of mother of pearl shell, pinctada maxima, thick large shells.

For more information contact
pearlsareus at

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I have discovered a Light Blue polishing compound manufactured in Germany and distributed by J.Walter, Vancouver, BC.
Re-sold by House of Tools, I don't know if it is same, but it is the only Blue color compound I have seen in years.
1/2 brick cost as about $27 Canadian.
Contact phone number is 1-888-J WALTER
webmaster at

Damian Steo

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