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Direct payment

All prices are in US dollars.
If you would like to purchase the knife you like, please do mail me the full payment.
The final Sale price is listed on the picture or the knife's description.
For knives under $350.00 US add a flat mailing fee of $35.00
If you are ordering a custom made knife mail the full amount, or %50 of the price as a deposit, the rest upon completion.
To insure that you fully intend to purchase this custom knife, the deposit will not be refundable if you change your mind.

The knife will be shipped as soon as the full payment is received.

I would like you to read and state that you understand and agree to the shipping conditions outlined bellow:
Do that on your ordering email.

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Identity theft is #1 crime these days because Credit cards are impossible to be %100 verified even by online retailer banks .... Mail Order fraud is also out of control.
As a recent victim of a slick mail fraud #1, and seizing of my US currency replacing it with devaluated CAD #2,
I am no longer accepting any credit cards directly or through any "Reliable" online retailer / bank (specifically #1 CC Now, or #2 PayPal)
Payment by personal check is also not accepted for several reasons:
Checks not issued by the same bank are not accepted out of country
Negotiable in the USA only limitation printed on the check or regular US postal Money Order means it is NOT negotiable by any Canadian bank
Domestic check has to be mailed back to the issuing bank for verification - takes up to two month for the info to get back to my bank. There is obvious drawback to that.
The bank also reserves the right to recover the money from me up to 6 years after they cashed your check if the forgery was discovered even after so many years.
I bet you did not know that.
Therefore - I do accept only Postal Money Order in US currency. International Money Order if you ordering from outside of Canada.

I will hold the knife for you for up to 10 days, marked SOLD, pending the arrival of your full payment.
Upon receiving your payment, I will immediately ship you your knife by Expedited Parcel Post.
Package can be insured up to $1000 Canadian, is traceable, and delivery is guaranteed in about 8-10 days.
I will also email to you a proof that your knife is in the mail - Post Office receipt, tracking number, and the number you can call yourself.

Animated sword If the Expedited Parcel Post or Express Post is not available to your country, than you have two choices.
One - have your knife shipped by regular Air Mail, $100 Canadian insurance max - risky, but cheap.
Second option - The Canada Post office does provide a guaranteed delivery for some countries by private courier.
If you choose this method, the cost of shipping will be added to the price of your knife.
This can be very costly ($60-$120) - so I will cover equivalent of what it would cost to ship to USA, average up to $25.
I will have to find out in person the cost for each individual shipment, then let you know
so you can include your portion of the shipping cost to your payment..

Shipping conditions:

Once the knife is in the mail, it is out of my hands, and ceases to be my responsibility.
In case of a loss or theft during shipping, you will get the refund only if it was possible to insure the package.
Packages, if possible, will be always be insured to maximum value
If insured, you will get back your money as soon as the Canada Post verifies and processes the claim, and I receive it.
Maximum obtainable insurance for any method of shipping including private courier is $1000 Canadian.
So, for items which are over $1000, in case of loss you will only get the max insurance of $1000 Canadian
after they pay out the claim..
Inspect the package on it's arrival for external damage, and file a claim on the spot if it is damaged in transit.
This way the insurance claim can be started, and the refund processed.

My Warranty is industry standard and covers the knife from manufacturing defects.
You can return it within 30 days in original unblemished condition for full refund.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.
Warranty and Customer Service

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