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Kabar-USM-MK2-before.jpg Kabar-USM-MK2-after.jpg

RH-PAL-36-before-1.jpg RH-PAL-36-after-1.jpg

RH-PAL-36-before-1bk.jp RH-PAL-36-after-1bk.jpg

WW-II-Navy 024a.jpg WW-II-Navy 016a.jpg


USN-Mark II Camilus

Western-Boulder-Colorado - before1 Western-Boulder-Colorado-After1

TomScot-Cattaraugus-duo-before TomScot-Cattaraugus-duo-after

SmithWesson1975-before SmithWesson1975-after

Medical Bolo Medical Bolo

JohnArmstrong--US-M3-Camillus-1943-before JohnArmstrong--US-M3-Camillus-1943-after

JoeLynch-KaBar1232-before-a JoeLynch-KaBar-1932-after

Camillus-bl-before Camillus-bl-after


Before-Ka-Bar-b All-done-Ka-Bar-b

Before-repair-Camillus After-repair-Camillus

EWG-WW-II-before EGW-WW-II-after

Black Label tactical handle designBlack Label tactical hidden tang repairBlack Label Tactical-after

Western-before Western - after

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