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Notice to all Canadians, craftsman, antique collectors, repair persons, manufacturers.

To all USA inhabitants - this may apply to you too so read on. You pay insurance for your package, but when the time comes that it is "lost" or damaged, you may be in the same boat without a paddle - or compensation payment.
Have you ever seen a sign at your Post Office that you have to have the proof of purchase, or the professional evaluation of the item you are about to mail, before you pay the insurance?
Have you seen a posted sign of a list of items not covered by this Postal Insurance?
Personally in my 50 + years of using Postal services, I certainly have not EVER seen any such postings.

The Canada Post is defrauding us all by collecting Parcel shipping insurance.

Collecting the insurance fees - but with no intention to pay it out in case of loss, theft, non delivery to destination.
How they do it?
They demand of the sender-shipper, who is required to initiate the claim in case of the lost package, to provide a PROOF OF PURCHASE of the items shipped.
No proof, no payment.
>>>> Dear Customer, please provide Proof of value of the content (receipt of purchase)<<<<

As far as I am concerned, I have entrusted the Canada Post to deliver my package to it's recipient.
I have selected the Expedited Parcel Post because I was told that it has guaranteed delivery, and I can add the Package Insurance for what ever I estimate the worth of the contents.
If the package is for whatever reason (lost, destroyed in a fire, stolen etc) during the delivery I do expect to collect the exact sum the package was insured for.
This is to compensate the owner for his/her loss and it is not negotiable.

As a custom knife maker and a professional knife repairman, I repair and restore family heirlooms, vintage and war relics, most passed over from generation to generation.
I can not possibly provide a proof of purchase as I have not PURCHASED these knives. Yet the proof of purchase is demanded from me, and I am threatend by phone call that I do have one day to provide it, or the claim will be closed..
Subsequent phone call directed me to ask the owner for the proof of purchase of his, now stolen vintage, repaired and refurbished knives.
Very few present owners would have any such documents, but the rep of Canada Post still insists on proof of purchase.
The owner possibly could ask their deceased great grandfathers to look and provide that to Canada Post Customer service..

This demand is the fraud.
The original purchase value has no relevance on the claim.
It could have been purchased for one dollar or be a bunch of crupled paper - FACT is the package was not delivered as guaranteed.
My business is manufacture, repair, and restoration the knives, and I am the only person qualified to assess the present, shipping value of these knives.
I do insure them for that value. That is my official value estimate.
The only person qualified to asses the value of the shipment is the manufacturer, or a maker/shipper.

Not some office bureocrat who, BTW, can not even read the shipping form correctly, misquoting the insurance ammount, the repair cost, and disregarding the written description on the shipping form. Factual and present ongoing claim of theft of insured parcel with 2 vintage knives by postal employee in Pasadena post office
Tracking #: CX 528 364 287 CA
Insurance Value ........................... $600.00
Ticket Number: 0121126216

My business depends 100% on the Canada Post shiping, as we here do not have any courier depot.
My customers depend on the Canada Post to deliver or faciliate package delivery to them, or to me, on time, and undamaged in transit.

Not able to safely use Canada Post for shipping, my business is being effectively shut down.
I do have to advise any sane customer not to ship any valuables through mail.

UPDATE: - Now, after all these facts, they demanded to get the content of the package apraised by the 3d party appraisal service.
DUH - can somebody tell me how to get a the content of the stolen package appraised?

This BS is what everyone of you mailing any package will have to go through to collect the insurance you paid for.

The Canada Post person responsible for propagating this fraud is:

Canada Post Customer Service Team.
Customer Service
Do feel free to contact any MLA, or PM, or the head of Canada Post, to inquire about this - you may very well be the next victim.
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This page is I hope temporary - I will remove it when my trust in the Canada Post Customer Service is restored.

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